'50 Shades of Grey' Sequels: Does Ana or Christian Matter More?

dakota johnson jamie dornanGiven that Fifty Shades of Grey was a financial success at the box office, it seems fitting that the stars are going to ask for more money for the sequel. Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan were reportedly each paid $250,000 for their performances. They deserve more. Dakota deserves even more.


We can argue that Dakota's job is ... ahem ... harder. (Though I would be really happy if they made Jamie's role harder if you know what I mean.) For Dakota, not only do we know exactly what her breasts and butt look like, we know she doesn't fully shave down below -- at least not for this movie. (Or is it a merkin?) While we also know that about Jamie, there was much less intimacy on his end. Dakota did all that lip biting and pleasure-facing. Not easy to do.

But ... and this is a big one. Dakota did get a butt double for all the spanking scenes. Which might even their paying field on this one. Maybe. If it was her butt getting those lashings, I'd say her salary should increase depending on how many spankings she had to endure.

Still, despite the butt double, I think Dakota deserves a little more.

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Both Dakota and Jamie are signed on for the trilogy. Director Sam Taylor-Johnson and writer Kelly Marcel are out and not returning for the sequels Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed. It's common for stars to renegotiate their salary after a blockbuster first film. Plus, we need them -- they are Ana and Christian. But filming is not expected to begin until 2016 and producer Dana Brunetti did say she wanted to keep the film around the same budget as the first one -- $40 million.

We already lost our original Christian once. Then we thought we lost our Christian for the sequel. Fifty Shades has to stop scaring us so much. Give them a raise, with Dakota also getting a sex face bonus.

Do you think the stars deserve a raise? Is Christian or Ana worth more?

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