'Fifty Shades of Grey'​ ​Without the Sex Scenes: Why It's Still a Total Turn-On

fifty shades of greyThere are some places in this world that have banned the movie Fifty Shades of Grey. Banned! No sexytime with ties, no amazing losing virginity scene. How awful for those places. Thankfully we live in America and we weren't deprived of such cinematic sin. Vietnam, however, allowed the film and yet cut all the sex scenes. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. There are some very sexy scenes in Fifty Shades that aren't Ana and Christian doing the deed.


Ana is a pencil biter. We have to put our germ fears aside on this one and just focus on the sensuality of a woman biting a pencil. I did write pencil. But that pencil in your mouth, Ana! That's right. Pencil.

Ana is also a lip biter. Her own lips. And what pretty lips she has. Always biting them. Over and over and over again. I hope she wears some delicious lip gloss. It would make the lip biting that much more ... sensual.

Christian likes to bite Ana's lips. I suppose this is BDSM on a diet. Like those 100 calorie packs of whatever at the supermarket. Christian tastes her. With his mouth. Say it with me now ... sensual.

Ana's tight t-shirts and Christian's perfectly fitted suits are the stuff of fantasies. I mean, I pictured the hot steamy sex between them from the moment Ana walked into Christian's office at Grey Enterprises. The chemistry was oozing off their clothes. Sensual.

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I am very happy there were sex scenes in the version of Fifty Shades that I saw. I'm even okay with the fact they left out the period sex scene from the book. But the scenes left in the film with sex and nudity weren't the only parts of the movie that turned me on. It's like saying we should all have sex without the foreplay. No no no no no no no. For the censored version, Fifty Shades was the foreplay. It turned the sensual on, stopping short of the sexual. Hopefully all the viewers went home (or at least to their cars) to get to the climax.

Still -- and I just have to say it -- how dare you ban sex scenes, Vietnam!?!?

Did you use Fifty Shades of Grey as foreplay? What would you think if the sex scenes were banned here?


Image via Fifty Shades of Grey/Instagram

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