'Fifty Shades' Fanatics: The Most Bizarre Things Fans Have Done

We all knew that Fifty Shades of Grey can make you kinky -- but did you know it can make you kooky? Judging by all of the news stories about people who do bizarro things for, during, or after the movie ... well, I'd just say watch it at your own risk! Here are eight of the strangest things people have done for Fifty Shades!


Two female prisoners are let out to catch a sexy showing. You can't blame the woman imprisoned for dealing heroin and the woman doing time for stabbing a man for wanting to see Jamie Dornan shirtless -- but what was the prison staff thinking letting them do this?

Woman loses her shit. Literally. An apparent drunk woman who took in a viewing reportedly took in too much alcohol beforehand, and ended up losing control of her bodily functions in the theater. She must have mistaken Fifty Shades for 50 proof.

Woman arrested for liking movie a bit too much. When the sounds of pleasure aren't coming from the movie but from you, then you know you've gone too far. A woman in Mexico was reportedly arrested for masturbating while watching the movie in a public theater.

11-year-old Christian Grey. One mom is such a Fifty fanatic that she let her preteen son dress as the dominating kinkster for a book character party at school. Hey, this was probably the only book mom has ever read.

Teens go 50 shades of ballistic. About 100 teens who were denied access to a Fifty showing in Florida decided to protest by storming the theater. Rated R for "Ruckus"!

Brawl in theater. In what seems to be a theme, three women reportedly imbibed too much alcohol before checking out Jamie Dornan's abs, and when a man near them asked them to pipe down, they hit him with a wine bottle. While Christian may have found this sexy, the man didn't, and the three were arrested.

Student arrested for sexual assault. A student, who apparently didn't get the memo that Christian Grey did not sexually assault Anastasia Steele (no matter what some say), allegedly tied a woman up against her will and whipped her. He says the movie "inspired" him. This is fifty shades of oh hell no!

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Bus driver gets her Fifty on. A bus driver in Illinois was so stoked to watch the movie that she couldn't wait to get to the privacy of her own home, and allegedly just went ahead and watched it on her phone. It's never cool to watch S&M and drive -- but especially if you're driving a bunch of elementary school kids.

Have you ever done anything crazy for Fifty?


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