Derek Zoolander Is Back: Here's Why We Loved Him in the First Place (GIFs)

Ben StillerEveryone's favorite dumb model is back! And no, I don't mean [fill in the blank with a model's name -- I wouldn't dare lest I get death threats on Twitter]. I mean Derek Zoolander! Yes, Mr. Blue Steel himself will be back on runways, and in movie theaters February 2016. Finally, a sequel to the epic comedy that skewered the modeling industry, Zoolander. Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson announced the news by strutting down the Valentino runway during Paris Fashion Week.


Jeez, it only took 15 years! The movie, which also featured Will Ferrell and Christine Taylor (who became Ben's wife), came out shortly after 9/11 and people weren't feeling like laughing too much, so the movie tanked.

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But over the years, it developed a cult following, and must have eventually made enough money that a studio decided a sequel was warranted. But, um, Derek and Hansel are way past prime posing age now. Will Ben Stiller's Blue Steel look more like Blue Rinse? I guess we'll only know when the movie is out. Until then, let's enjoy some of the finer moments from Zoolander:

How can we forget Derek's ultimate model face, the Blue Steel? And how it looked exactly like every other model face he made?

As you might recall, if it were not for that beautiful face and body, Derek would have been stuck working in a coal mine, just like his father and brothers.

Okay, so Derek wasn't always the sharpest tie in the drawer. Remember the center for ants? Or rather the "The Derek Zoolander Center for Kids Who Can't Read Good and Wanna Learn to Do Other Stuff Good Too."

No, there isn't, Derek. There really, really isn't.

Derek's ultimate look, it was even more beautiful than Blue Steel. I think it was called Blue Whale Magnum. Don't stare directly at it, it can cause your corneas to melt:

The famous walk-off scene between model rivals Derek and Hansel. Who walked it better?

Can you wait for Zoolander 2?

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