Jamie Dornan '50 Shades' Sequel Rumors Take a Crazy Turn

Despite rumors that Jamie Dornan would be dropping out of the sequel for Fifty Shades of Grey, it looks like he's not only going to be back, but he's also getting quite the pay raise. The 32-year-old reportedly made just over a hundred grand playing Christian Grey the first time around, and you won't believe how much he's set to earn for Fifty Shades Darker.


It's hard to believe the Irish-born actor made so little, considering what a smash hit Fifty Shades has been at the box office, but thems the breaks when you're not an A-list star lighting up the screen. The movie has made over half a billion dollars worldwide so far, and that payday certainly seems to have paid off for Dornan when it came to renegotiating his contract.

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Sources say that Jamie will receive $12 million if he comes back to play BDSM-obsessed billionaire Christian Grey again. I mean, it's what the title character of the story would make in about 10 minutes, but this is huge for Jamie.

"Jamie has signed the deal and he’s thrilled, the money on offer was just too good," a source claimed. "He's been really worried that he will get typecast as Christian Grey and it will do his long-term career ambitions damage. So he was about to walk away and leave it all behind then bosses of the movie franchise came back with the jaw-dropping offer."

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Another person who may have been more on board with the offer is Dornan's wife, Amelia Warner. She'd apparently been sour on the idea of her hubby returning to the sexy franchise, and we can't say we'd blame her for feeling that way. Would you want your hubs spending hours with naked Dakota Johnson in the Red Room of Pain?

We may never know if it was the money that drew him back to the playroom, or if his leaving was ever anything more than a rumor, but we're thrilled he seems to be on board!

Are you surprised Jamie Dornan is getting such a huge pay raise?


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