‘Fifty Shades’ & an Animal Documentary Have More in Common Than You Think

jamie dornan dakota johnsonWhat do Christian Grey and a wild cheetah have in common? A lot more than you think. Fifty Shades of Grey director Sam Taylor-Johnson and cinematographer Seamus McGarvey are spilling the beans on how shooting Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson's sex scenes was actually a lot like filming a wildlife documentary. Yes, really.


You read that correctly. And as soon as we get past all the "animal in the bedroom" jokes (sorry, had to do it), it actually makes a lot of sense.

According to McGarvey, he used those same tricks he used so as not to spook the animals. In this case, animals being Christian and Ana.

"It was on the end of a zoom and we'd let them move," he says. "And with that tighter lens sometimes you can get a more impressionistic, abstract view of the bodies."

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Better yet, he employed some other tricky moves. To keep the amount of time Dornan and Johnson had to spend in the Red Room down, McGarvey would work with two cameras. In extra zoomed-in sequences, he'd set up a remote camera and operate it from a distance to give them some private moments and space.

"The camera is being operated off a device 20 feet away from where the camera is," he adds. "Just so the actors don't have a hairy old operator breathing down their backs."

Aww, how sweet! Really, who'd want a big burly man inches away from your naked body while you film a sex scene? Noted and understood. And sounds like a great idea to us.

What do you think of this latest revelation?



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