New ‘Fifty Shades’ Spoof Shows Off Christian Grey’s Real Red Room Talent

From the dialogue to the characters and even the erotic scenes, Fifty Shades of Grey is ripe for satire. Like it or not, hardcore fans, the entire franchise has been critiqued, made fun of, and parodied from start to finish. And the latest spoof, which shows of Christian Grey's real Red Room antics, is the best we've ever seen.


A Saturday Night Live: Korea production, this digital short really lets us into the mind of the beautiful billionaire. And there's a lot less leather, spanking, and toys than we originally anticipated.

You guys, he's a shadow puppet master! Who knew all along? In some alternate time line and in a different universe, this is exactly what EL James had in mind for her character. We're sure of it.

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Forget his obsession with pain and pleasure, and his insane need to control Ana at all times. All he really wants is some light, a blank wall, and a good time. Let him bring you into his room (also two beds -- that's rather generous, no?), set up the equipment, and get to work. He has some rather practiced skills.

And that peacock was definitely impressive, ifyouknowwhatImean.

What'd you think of this spoof?


Image via SNL/YouTube

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