8 Reasons You Should See 'Fifty Shades' Again

fifty shades of grey christian grey anastasia steeleIt's easily the most controversial and anticipated movie of 2015. The entire series has been criticized starting with the 2011 release of the book. But love it or hate it, Fifty Shades of Grey is a movie worth seeing twice.


Alright, hear me out. You've seen it on Valentine's Day opening weekend and either laughed your butt off or left utterly confused at what you just experienced, but either way, your Fifty viewing was memorable. But it's even better the second time around, and here's why.

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1. The initial shock of "OMG IT'S FINALLY HERE. YES!" has worn off people are no longer as *~*iNsAnE*~* about the movie. No need to push through crowds or tackle the group in front of you. You'll get a seat.

2. And better yet, you can actually focus on the story line instead of eagerly awaiting the R-rated parts... well, mostly. Take your seat, settle in, and get ready for round two. Let's do this.

3. You know what to expect. You know when the best time to take a bathroom break is (hey, it's two hours long, and everyone needs a time out), and can basically call the next scene.

4. You realize it's actually a romantic comedy and that Ana is full of LOLs.

5. Until the sex starts. And then the fun is pretty much over. Let's get down to business.

6. You start noticing little things, like... why in the world does Christian Grey have a mirror above his bed if he doesn't have sex in his bedroom?! (Seriously, what is there to see?)

7. And you finally catch all the subtle call outs to the book. Like when Ana comes back from the interview and Kate calls her a "goddess." Or when Ana gasps "holy f***!" (instead of "holy cow") when she spots Christian in Savannah. I see what you did there, Sam Taylor-Johnson. Smooth work.

8. But best part: you get to see Jamie ALL. OVER. AGAIN.

Now excuse us while we get back in line for the next screening. Go back, watch it again, and all the haters can just keep on hating.

Have you seen the movie again? What was the best part?


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