Christian Grey's Red Room Gets a Makeover in Hilarious Deleted 'SNL' Sketch

When Dakota Johnson hosted Saturday Night Live last week, there were ample opportunities to poke fun at her Fifty Shades of Grey fame. So many, in fact, that this super funny sketch got cut for time. But have no fear, thanks to the power of dress rehearsals and the Internet, we can now share with you Christian Grey's new and improved Red Room of Pain.


The clip is supposed to be a sneak peek into Fifty Shades Darker, the next movie in the installment, but instead answers our unasked question of who actually built the playroom? We highly doubt that billionaire Christian is a big DIY'er.

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Christian takes Ana to his playroom to show her how he's redesigned it, but instead they're met with the construction workers who made it all happen. Hilarity ensues! My personal favorite is the "dildy drawer."


Have you ever thought about who constructed the playroom?


Image via Saturday Night Live/YouTube

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