'Fifty Shades' Movie vs. Book: 10 Big Differences

fifty shades of grey christian grey anastasia steeleEven though author EL James did all she could to stay true to her book, the movie adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey still took some liberties with the raunchy material. Director Sam Taylor-Johnson changed the order, adjusted characters, and cut entire scenes from the original work when it came to filming the blockbuster movie.


But any true Fifty fan can quickly realize the exact moment that a scene was skipped or a crucial plot point was cut. Some, frankly, for the better.

Here's how the movie was different:

  1. No infamous tampon scene. When the book was first released, James got plenty of flak for explicitly explaining Christian and Ana's version of period sex. In the book, when Christian surprises Ana and her mom in Georgia, the two ultimately do go up to his hotel room (another departure from the movie!) and he pulls out her tampon so the two can have sex. Taylor-Johnson was quick to nix that one.

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  2. Bye, bye, inner goddess! Ana's subconscious was a whole separate character in the book. She could be found swaying in a "gentle victorious samba" and sitting "in the lotus position looking serene except for the sly, self-congratulatory smile on her face," but no sign of the lady in the movie. Except for a quick reference by Kate, who called Ana a "goddess" when she returned from the interview.
  3. Forget the Ben Wa balls. Sorry to report, but those shiny silver balls never made it into the screenplay. They did, however, spike sales of the naughty toys almost 400 percent in the U.S. alone.
  4. Ana respects Christian's personal hygiene. As in, she uses her own freakin' toothbrush! Let's all just slow clap for this one, because oral hygiene is important.
  5. Changing the agreement. Onscreen, Ana hilariously accepts Christian's indecent proposal while crossing the stage at graduation and accepting her diploma. In the book, she agrees after Christian has met her father and waxed lyrical about fly fishing.
  6. Losing the food obsession. Yes, Jamie Dornan does hand her a muffin in the cafe and gives her toast when she spends the night, but Christian's obsession with food is not nearly as insane as in the book, where he constantly asks Ana if she's eaten to "keep up her strength."
  7. Where's the boathouse sex? Not only does Christian not steal Ana's panties before the visit to his parents, like he does in the book, but when the two sneak out back to the boathouse, there's no sexy time. Instead, we have a no-touching, I'm-damaged confession from Mr. Grey.

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  8. Ana's career. Anyone else wonder how Ana has managed to afford that Seattle apartment in the movie? While the book talks all about her interviews and eventual internship for Jack Hyde at Seattle Independent Publishing, her career is nonexistent in the film.
  9. Stalker Christian is less stalkerish. Listen, James' version of Christian was a certifiable creep. He tracked Ana through her phone and seemed to have her address miraculously memorized. The movies still drops hints, but makes it far less obvious.
  10. Ana is actually funny. With no inner goddess and "double crap!" lines, Dakota Johnson actually manages to make Ana a self-assured and sassy character. She brings the comedic timing and shows that despite their Dominant/Submissive relationship, she's really the boss.

Were you surprised some of these parts were changed?



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