Dakota Johnson REALLY Wants Her Mom to See Her Have '50 Shades' Sex (VIDEO)

Dakota JohnsonHey, remember that time when Dakota Johnson was on the Oscars red carpet with her mom, Melanie Griffith, and the interviewer asked if Melanie would see Fifty Shades and Mel was all like, "Oh, hells no, I don't want to see that damn thing!" And then Dakota was all bummed and bitchy and acted like a 14-year-old who'd just been told she can't stay out past midnight? Yeah, that was the most gloriously awkward moment of the Oscars pre-telecast. Now Dakota is set to host Saturday Night Live and she poked fun of the cringeworthy incident.


Dakota made a series of video plugs for her SNL gig with cast member Taran Killam, and in one he asks her if Melanie finally got around to seeing the kinky film.

Dakota instantly turns back into a whiny teen and pouts, "Mom, please watch it, Mooooom!!" Check it out:

Hey, you can't blame Melanie for not wanting to see the movie. I'm actually kind of surprised that Dakota wants her to watch it so badly, though I guess it is her first major role and she probably figures her mom can close her eyes and plug her ears during the naughty bits.

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Here's the scene on the red carpet where Melanie says she doesn't want to see the film, and Dakota gets visibly irritated:

Poor Dakota and Jamie. Between Melanie, Dakota's dad, Don Johnson, and Jamie's wife, Amelia Warner, none of the people closest to them will watch the movie they put so much work into! Maybe someone will make a G-rated version for the families.

Would you be able to watch your adult kid have fake sex?


Image via Saturday Night Live/YouTube

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