Jamie Dornan Won't Be Saying 'Laters, Baby' to '50 Shades' After All

Jamie DornanIs Jamie Dornan quitting the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy?! Could our Christian Grey really leave us high and dry? That was the rumor going around yesterday, as reports blared that Jamie had decided to walk away from the sexy franchise, all because his wife, Amelia Warner, was supposedly too upset with the kinky sex scenes. Well, you can relax, Fifty fans. Apparently Mr. Grey will continue to see you now.


Jamie's rep told E! News:

All press reports are pure conjecture as the studio has not committed to a sequel as yet.

The first movie has so far raked in over $100 million, making it a huge success, considering it was fairly low budget. So there seems to be no real reason the studio wouldn't want a sequel, unless it feels the next two books won't be as exciting as the first one.

As for Jamie, I very much doubt that he'd be able to walk away from the franchise, no matter how much his wife griped about his sex scenes. The studio would have made sure to contractually lock the actors in for the sequels.

And can we please talk about this Amelia Warner thing?! Why are we blaming the wife? First off, Jamie made it clear that Amelia was not going to watch the movie, so how could she possibly be uncomfortable with it?

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Why is everything always the woman's fault? Yoko Ono broke up the Beatles now we have Amelia Warner breaking up Fifty? Come on, now. Amelia is a big girl and I'm sure she knew this wasn't a Disney flick.

Are you happy that Jamie isn't going anywhere -- yet?


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