'50 Shades' Shocks Motorists Driving by Naughty Drive-In Movie Screen (VIDEO)

Fifty Shades drive in theater

Remember when Fifty Shades of Grey was something you demurely hid on your e-reader because, you know, it’s sort of awkward to read BDSM erotica in public? Boy, that sure changed. If you’re not seeing that tell-tale gray tie on the seat of the person next to you on the subway, you’re seeing it on proud display in Target next to the Heaven Is for Real shelf. Now that the movie’s out, there’s no shame in our game: we’re heading to the theaters in droves to watch Ana get spanked, and as motorists in Sacramento recently learned, just because you didn’t pay for a seat doesn’t mean you can escape the full Fifty Shades experience.


I wouldn’t have picked Fifty Shades as a great drive-in movie (there’s something very strange about the juxtaposition of '50s era movie viewing and softcore porn), but it was in fact playing last weekend at the WestWind All Digital Drive-in theater in Sacramento. Still, who am I to judge those who want to see Ana’s pubic hair looming hundreds of feet in the air, right? It takes different strokes to move the flogger. Except in this case, the flogger, the floggee, and all their various glistening body parts were clearly visible from nearby Highway 50.

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One citizen who alerted Sacramento’s news station KTXL to the issue pointed out that a giant screen broadcasting simulated sex may be something of a disturbance to drivers:

I’d think it’s a safety issue; people trying to sneak a peek as they are going 70 miles down the freeway and looking not where they are supposed to be going, but looking at the movie.

He also complained that he’d actually gone to the theater with his two sons before realizing what was playing:

We just drove in and these two — he’s 12 and he’s 10 — were very interested watching it coming in.

As you can see from this video, the screen is quite visible from the road:

Well! I for one find this to be absolutely ... it’s just downright ... this drive-in business should be ...


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Okay, clearly this is an undesirable situation and I hope for the sake of outraged city-dwellers and distracted motorists and passing nuns and innocent children who had no idea that sometimes daddies like to hit mommies with leather riding crops that this theater reconsiders their featured film. And I’m sorry for laughing. The fact that there’s a humongous screen showing a dirty movie near a busy highway isn’t funny at ALL. It’s ... it’s very serious, and ... it’s ...

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