Al Roker Embraces '50 Shades' & Unleashes His Inner Christian Grey (VIDEO)

al roker fifty shadesOh, that Ellen. She's a riot. Did you already have enough of a difficult time getting that image of Matt Lauer dressed in bondage gear out of your mind? You know, that "costume" he "wore" to celebrate the release of Fifty Shades of Grey? It was actually kind of disturbing how many people thought the clip was real, so Ellen DeGeneres was hilariously at it again, this time dressing up Al Roker in a Fifty Shades of Grey outfit that will also haunt your dreams for the rest of time.


Especially when he starts picking his wedgie.

Check out his and the Today team's reaction to the brand-new footage exposing a rather kinky side of Mr. Roker, courtesy of Ellen:

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"There was a little chafing," Roker admits after watching the clip. Those tiny black shorts sure do look a little uncomfortable.

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And of course, when Ellen aired the footage on her show on Tuesday, she assured everyone watching that this is "100 percent real." Definitely looks pretty real, doesn't it? Those video editing folks on her show should get a nice hefty raise! As well as whoever had to be the body doubles for both Lauer and Roker ...

Anyway, considering the hype for this movie may be dying down in the next few weeks after its highly anticipated release, let's hope Ellen can keep the laughs coming and put these bondage outfits on anyone and everyone while people still have this flick on their radar. Think Carson Daly will be next? Savannah? Anyone can unleash their inner Christian Grey! The possibilities are endless.

Come on, admit it, did you at first think the footage of Matt Lauer was real? Was Al's funnier?


Image via EllenTube

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