'The Breakfast Club' Turns 30: 9 Important Life Lessons It Taught Us (GIFS)

the breakfast club

Prepare to feel roughly a million years old: John Hughes' coming of age 1980s classic The Breakfast Club is turning 30


To celebrate its 30th birthday, the film is going to be re-released for a limited time in theaters! If you can't muster up the energy to leave the house, I know you've probably got it on DVD and/or some cable channel is probably playing it even as we speak. No other movie quite captures the pain, awkwardness, and magic of being a teenager.

The flick is infinitely quotable! It also has lessons to teach -- both very goofy lessons and serious stuff too! Read on for 9 things we learned from watching The Breakfast Club

1. Dance Like No One Is Watching

Maybe these dance moves were cool 30 years ago, maybe they weren't. Maybe these dance moves are only cool if you are Molly Ringwald. However you slice it, Molly is throwing down like she's alone in her room and that makes her look totally fly. 

2. When It Comes to Footwear, Traction Is Crucial

If you want to make sure the authorities don't catch you running around the halls of your high school, invest in slip-resistant footwear. 

3. You Can Find Friends in the Unlikeliest Places

There were never five people more different than the kids in this flick. Each character represented a different school clique. But over the course of one day, they bonded for a lifetime. 

4. Bad Boys Are SO Cute ...

Break me off a piece of that cigarette smoking bad boy, amiright?

5. .... But Nerds Are Even Cuter

Let's be real, if we've learned nothing else as adults, it's that the nerdy good boys are the ones you REALLY want to be making out with in a supply closet. 

6. Being a Girl Is Tough and Unfair Sometimes

I remember the first time I heard this line having to physically restrain myself from being like "YES, THANK YOU." Ah, to be understood -- it makes you feel less alone! 

7. Emilio Estevez Does Not Understand Rhythm

Thankfully, coaching the Mighty Ducks does not require much in the way of being able to keep the beat. 

8. A Sandwich Can Be Whatever Your Heart Desires

I put potato chips in my tuna sandwiches -- if that's wrong, I don't ever want to be right. 

9. We're All Pretty Bizarre -- And That's Fine!

This moment of total understanding between the gang is something everyone who has ever felt like an outsider needs to remember. No matter how lonely you feel, there is someone who feels exactly the same way -- even if it's the last person you'd ever imagine.  

What's your favorite moment from this classic?


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