How '50 Shades of Grey'-Obsessed Is Your State?

actors filming Fifty Shades of Grey

Does your state have the most fans, um, whipped into a frenzy about the upcoming premiere of Fifty Shades of Grey? Or do you live somewhere that women are more likely to spend their weekend shoveling snow or catching up on Netflix rather than getting in touch with their "inner goddess"? Thanks to Big Brother, whoops, we mean Facebook, we can actually tell you which states are fifty shades of obsessed.



Granted, fans of E.L. James' crazy-successful books are everywhere. The upcoming film starting Dakota Johnston and Jamie Dornan is the fastest-selling R-rated movie in the history of online ticket hub Fandango. But by compiling social media likes, shares, status updates, and comments about the movie, Facebook was able to gather some specific intel about Fifty Shades' most fervent fans.

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They shared the results in an exclusive report with entertainment site TheWrap. And the results are almost as surprising as some early reviews declaring the film is actually pretty good.

Among the more eyebrow-raising findings:

The states least interested in Fifty Shades are California, followed by Hawaii, Montana, Tennessee, and New Jersey.

(We'd love someone to ask Garden State Governor Chris Christie to address that in a press conference!)

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Also, according to the Facebook/Wrap report, here are the ten states most tied up in knots about seeing Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey together on the big screen:

1. West Virginia

2. Michigan

3. Ohio

4. Maine

5. Indiana

6. New Hampshire

7. Kentucky

8. Pennsylvania

9. Vermont

10. Rhode Island

We're not sure what those ten states have in common -- except some very hot and crowded movie theaters this weekend.


Did your state make the list?

 Image courtesy of Chuck Ziotnic, Universal Pictures and Focus Features

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