The 'Penguins of Madagascar' Are Coming!

Penguins of Madagascar

In theory, I’m the typical modern mom. Pro-reading. Anti-TV. Neutral on bedtime. 

I have even said the words, “I don’t let my kids watch TV.”

But of course that is a lie.

The reality is everyday life has a way of canceling out all those righteous stands we take when it comes to raising children.

In my world, I’ve broken my own rules and propped my kids on the couch and actually encouraged them to watch more TV. All I wanted was to finish writing an article, start cooking a meal, or take my first shower of the week.

And boy, do I feel guilty when I do that.


We’re so busy ALL THE TIME, between work and school and tons of activities, that we knew we needed to make the time to reconnect as a family.

So, this week, we’re starting a new family tradition -- FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT! It’ll be the perfect way for us to spend time together for more than a few minutes.

Just in time for our first Family Movie Night, the new PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR movie came out today on Digital, a whole month before the Blu-ray/DVD! My kids are excited about the early access, and I’m excited about the great price ... not to mention the convenience.

Watching penguins try to save the world in their very own adventure makes this one of THE MOST hilarious movies of last year and definitely one of my family’s all-time favorites.

To make it even more of an “event,” I found this Family Movie Night Pack, which has everything we busy moms need to quickly and easily create the perfect movie night and even turn it into a creative learning experience.

My kids have already started their “Penguin Exercises” and can’t wait to decorate the house, eat Cheezy Dibbles, and complete their “spy dossiers”!

The movie is fun for the whole family and, thankfully, gave me the idea of spending quality time with them EVERY week.

Make tonight Family Movie Night with Dreamworks’ PENGUINS OF MADAGASCAR, available now at digital stores everywhere.

What are your tips & tricks for creating the perfect family movie night? 

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