Dakota Johnson Shows Jimmy Fallon How Sexy She Really Is (VIDEO)

Jimmy Fallon is on quite the hilarious hot streak, with the Saved by the Bell reunion last week and last night's epic battle of sexiness with Fifty Shades of Grey's Dakota Johnson.


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Jimmy challenged Dakota to play a new game he whipped (pun intended) up called "Anything Can Be Sexy," in which the two tried to make really mundane sentences sound super hot.

While Dakota totally brought her Anastasia Steele skills to the table, Jimmy struggled to smolder while talking about fishing and Gold Bond Powder. See for yourself in the clip below.

Maybe Dakota's secret is her "sexy stretches," as Jimmy called them, or the sultry hair flip? Either way, methinks Jimmy should go see Fifty Shades of Grey in an effort to up his game for the next time he plays "Anything Can Be Sexy" with a show guest. One thing is for sure, Jamie Dornan doesn't have to worry about Jimmy gunning for his role as Christian Grey. There is simply no contest.

What did you think of Jimmy and Dakota's sexy skills?

Image via NBC

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