'50 Shades of Buscemi' Shows Jamie Dornan How It's Done (VIDEO)

50 shades of buscemiIf there's an actor who's, um, perhaps the exact opposite of who you'd imagine when you think of mega-hottie, sexy, beautiful, god0like Christian Grey, it'd most definitely be ... well, Steve Buscemi. Right? No offense Steve, but you are kind of a goofball and a tad, um, goofy-looking (sorry, we still love you though!). But you may want to hold off on that notion because a 'Fifty Shades of Buscemi' trailer has just been unleashed upon the world, and it's fantastic. Seriously. It really is. You have to see it.


Pretty much every iconic version of Buscemi makes an appearance in this trailer. And don't blame us if you suddenly feel turned on by his voice and presence! Clearly Buscemi is kinky and an animal in bed. There's just something about him, isn't there? Either way, this is really, really funny:

Hopefully when the movie actually hits theaters, Internet dorks will be able to superimpose Steve throughout the whole thing. That Billy Madison scene with the lipstick? And knowing what Ana and Christian did with lipstick that most likely will be in the film? You're allowed to chuckle mightily. Kudos to the people behind this. It's ingenious. Slow claps all around.

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It's easy to see Dakota Johnson and Buscemi's chemistry really come to life in those few brief glimpses of their passionate love affair. Even if he's too busy swearing at her and complaining about the blood she's drawing from her kinkiness. Wonder what Jamie Dornan would have to say about this Oscar-worthy performance? Perhaps if Dornan's not up for the sequel, it's time for the producers to give Buscemi a call.

Do you think this is hilarious or stupid?


Image via Boo Ya Pictures/YouTube

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