​'50 Shades of Grey' Is Too Racy for 2 of the Movie's Biggest Fans

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Few, if any, people on this Earth would ever want their parents to see them naked and, um, in compromising situations -- and Dakota Johnson is no exception. Melanie Griffith has finally confirmed once and for all that she won't be seeing her daughter in Fifty Shades of Grey. No matter if it's Dakota's break-out role, it would just make things waaaaay too awkward for everyone. #truth. 


Johnson, who plays Anastasia Steele in the year's most highly anticipated flick, has gone back and forth on whether she wants her mother and father to see the film. Again, it is, after all, the biggest role in her acting career to date, but also, she'll be doing things in the film that Melanie Griffith and her dad, Don Johnson, will never be able to unsee. Although it would no doubt be nice to have her parents see all the hard work she put into the film, it would just make things way too uncomfy. 

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When asked by reporters on Sunday at a Grammys party if she was going to the premiere, Griffith told reporters, "[Dakota] would be very uncomfortable if I saw it, and I would be very uncomfortable if I saw it. So we would never be able to talk about it, so why would I see it?" Hard to argue with that. 

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We all want our parents to be proud of us and marvel at the work we do, but this situation is the one exception to the rule. Nobody wants their mom and dad to see them having S&M-style sex -- no matter how fake it is. 

That said, though, I'm curious if Jamie Dornan's parents will be attending. For some reason, my vote is on "yes." 

Would you have your parents go to this film if you were in it?

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