Jamie Dornan Sets Twitterverse on Fire With R-Rated Tweets

fifty shades of grey jamie dornanWe're getting closer and closer and oh so close to the big premiere of Fifty Shades of Grey that we can practically feel the red rope on Ana's wrists. It's getting hot everywhere. So hot, in fact, that our very own Christian Grey, Jamie Dornan got R-rated with a fan on Twitter. Dirty talk!


So ... this happened! Fan @JennyJohnsonHi5 asked Jamie: "Now will '50 Shades' give me a big 'ol boner the same way 'The Fall' did?" And this is how Jamie answered:

Bigger. Than. You. Know. How. To. Handle. That is fifty shades of sexy, Jamie. This guy -- the perfect Christian Grey. @JennyJohnsonHi5, who is now undoubtedly Jamie Dornan's biggest fan, replied, "I'll be depositing your reply in my sperm bank." Oh la la. Perfect exchange. I'm twitterpated! Also, would you take a look at how cute he is typing away for fans!


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Ever the gentleman, Jamie wasn't just talking about boners during his Twitter Q&A. He shared that "tequila and my family" bring him the greatest joy, that he prefers coffee in the morning and tea later in the day, he loves the Beatles and the Stones, and burgers, and that the first day on the Fifty Shades set was "mildly terrifying." You wouldn't know that by watching the clips. He is cool. He is calm. He is ready to dominate in all the teaser clips I've seen.

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Dornan is a charmer. And he can turn me on in 140 characters or less. I can't wait to see what he can do as Christian Grey.

Can you believe Jamie went there with his Twitter Q&A?


Image via fiftyshadesmovie/Instagram

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