Early Screening of '50 Shades of Grey' Left Viewers Stunned

More than 100 Fifty Shades of Grey fans packed an early screening of the movie and delivered their verdict: Hot, hot, hot! Fans who crammed the Ziegfeld theater in New York City came out sweating ... and in a good way. Despite lots of rumors that Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson did not have chemistry on set, these early viewers beg to differ.


"The chemistry was amazing," Fernanda Capolina, 26, of Queens, told the New York Daily Mail.

Julie O’Mahoney, 26, said: "The movie was much better than the book."

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And for those who think Jamie Dornan was the wrong casting choice? Well, these ladies have been won over. Kathy Exposito, 31, said that she was originally totally behind Charlie Hunnam, who was originally cast, playing the role. But now she's all about Jamie. "He's more than what I expected," she told the Daily News.

Reportedly, there were cheers and gasps throughout the screening, and the occasional, "Oh, yeah!" (Gotta love those NYC audiences!)

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It remains to be seen how the movie will do in wide release (it comes out Valentine's Day) and whether the reviews will flog the film, and not in a sexy way. The type of woman who was going to go to an early screening would be a hardcore Fifty fan who may like just about anything thrown up on the screen.

But if these early reviews are any indication, it sounds like the movie will make a lot of women, and even some men, very happy indeed.


Image via Universal Pictures and Focus Features

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