Christian Exposes His Playroom to Ana in New '50 Shades' Clip (VIDEO)

anastasia christian fifty shades playroomAnother Fifty Shades of Grey clip has been released, and it's the scene where Christian shows Anastasia his playroom. Eep! Check out how she responds.


Come on, Dakota! Is that all you can muster? An anemic "oh my God ..." Don't show any enthusiasm or anything. Geez, it's just his super-special playroom!

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I can think of a number of different ways a woman could respond to Christian's big reveal, depending on how she feels about his style of kink. Here are just a few examples.

Oh YAY! We're going to have SO MUCH FUN here! You are the best boyfriend, ever!

Hello, 911?

OMG, who is your contractor? These built-ins are incredible.

Cool, I brought the Ben & Jerry's so we're all ready to settle in and watch The Bachelor.

I wish you'd told me earlier -- I would have brought my cat o' nine tails.

Aren't these towel rings a little small?

Your tastes aren't really that singular. A lot of people are into this kind of thing. Didn't you know?

Nononononononono, just because I like fantasizing about this sort of thing doesn't mean I actually want to do it in real life!

WOW! It's been a really long time since you let the maid in here. The dust ...

Is that padded wall real leather or "pleather"? Because I have certain standards.

WAIT. I haven't been that naughty.

Bitch, I'm going to whip you so hard you'll never -- oh wait, you want to tie me up? Um.

Okay, I was afraid you were going to show me a room full of plushie costumes. So, phew!

Heyyyy, whose earring is that in the corner there? Exactly how many girls have you brought here, anyway?

See what I mean? Oh well, we hear she shows a little more passion later on in the movie.

How would you have responded if the man you were dating revealed a room like this to you?


Image via Universal Pictures/YouTube

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