New '50 Shades' Scene Shows Ana Whipping Up a Little Something for Christian (VIDEO)

dakota johnson fifty shadesYet another exclusive scene from the highly anticipated Fifty Shades of Grey movie has just been released! Yes, another. It seems we're getting a look at all the (non-sex) scenes before the movie even hits theaters! But this particular highlight doesn't feature Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey doing nasty things to each other in a room that's a particular color -- nope, it's a scene of an ecstatic Ana ... cooking up some pancakes. Sans pants.


Fans can only begin to guess why Ana looks so insanely happy while whipping up said delightful breakfast treat. (Think she went for the Bisquick or made them from scratch?) In the book, Christian's kitchen was a chef's dream, so that has to be it, right? That's why she's so happy, isn't it? Eh, well, probably not, but just see it for yourself, okay:

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"You're energetic this morning," Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey quips as Dakota Johnson as Ana Steele dances around in his crisp white button-down. And there's no doubt that he is hungry ... for a little taste of what took place the night before. Which we will finally be able to get to see on February 13.

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We can all leave the judgment about how awesome or horrific this movie is going to be at the door until it actually hits theaters in a mere few days. All of this anticipation certainly has fans of this incredibly popular series on edge -- and these less than 30-second teasers probably do nothing to help satiate their desire to at last see this film on the big screen. So as of right now? Guess it's time to make some pancakes.

Have you been enjoying these sneak peeks of the Fifty Shades of Grey film?


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