'50 Shades of Grey' Moviegoers Told to Keep Their Naughty Toys at Home

fifty shades of greyWhen fans are rabid about a movie, they sometimes dress up in character and come with props and masks in order to make seeing the film a real experience. And so, this presents an exciting scenario for Fifty Shades of Grey moviegoers. Will the theaters become a red room of deviance filled with the naughty naughty? One theater is telling fans to leave their bondage kink at home.


According to Mashable, AMC Theaters spokesperson Ryan Noonan said:

While we welcome those guests who want to show their excitement for a film by dressing up in costume, we do not permit weapons (real or fake), or props/costumes that would make guests uncomfortable, or detract from the moviegoing experience.

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Detract? How could a little red rope detract from seeing this film? Tie me to the chair, baby, because I am not going to miss a second of this film. Not for more popcorn. Not even for a bathroom break. And there better not be any tall people sitting in front of me or people with kicky feet behind me. It's all eyes on the screen. With the least amount of blinking. Glued.

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So far, only AMC has warned fans not to come with the whips and chains or bondage masks. Meaning, those in a BDSM relationship might be able to attend some other theaters while one is on a leash. Or whatever it is that satisfies your preferred kink. Of course, you can always wear the garter belt, perhaps even the red rope as some kind of discreet accessory (get creative!), and leave the more risque props in the car. Because you never know -- after seeing the film, you may not be able to wait until you get home.

What do you think of this rule?

Image via Fifty Shades of Grey/Instagram

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