This '50 Shades of Grey' Elevator Scene Spoof Is Everything (VIDEO)

We're still eight days away from Fifty Shades of Grey's theatrical release but comedians can't wait that long to create their own spoofs, as proven by Saturday Night Live's Vanessa Bayer in this hilarious clip.


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You'll never think of Anastasia and Christian's elevator tryst the same way again after watching Bayer tackle the infamous scene by attempting to seduce anyone who enters the elevator with a variety of crazy props.

In fact, Audi of America, who produced the short, even pokes fun at themselves when Bayer assumes the car key held by one of her potential elevator suitors is for her, saying, "But Anastasia got one!"

As we get closer to February 13, when Fifty Shades hits theaters, I can't wait to see who else parodies the highly anticipated film. There are just so many scenes that would make for great sendups. I mean, the hardware store scene? I'm not a comedian and I can think of a million ways that could be made hilarious.

Which Fifty Shades scene would you like to see parodied?

Image via Universal Pictures and Focus Features

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