50 Shades of Diva? Dakota Johnson's On-Set Tantrums Sound Awful

For the most part, we've heard a lot about how protective Fifty Shades of Grey star Jamie Dornan was over his costar Dakota Johnson on set, how much BDSM research was done to get those scenes just right, and so on. But far more scandalous set secrets are coming to light about the film, and, frankly, we're a little worried.


According to reports from Star, which we admittedly take with a grain of salt, life wasn't so honky dory on the highly publicized Fifty Shades movie set.

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For starters, the tabloid alleges Jamie was perpetually ill-prepared for scenes, never having memorized his lines. This resulted in cast and crew working overtime into the wee hours of the morning.

Then there's the matter of Dakota, who reportedly acted very un-Anastasia-like by causing friction between crew members and throwing diva tantrums over wardrobe (in one instance going so far as to throw a pair of shoes at a stylist).

So was anyone professional on set? That award is said to go to Eloise Mumford, who plays Anastasia's roommate Kate. She was responsible for cracking jokes with crew members and keeping things light on set.

We were already privy to the fact that director Sam Taylor-Johnson and author EL James didn't get along on set, like at all, but at least their creative differences have the potential to make the Fifty Shades sex scenes smokin' hot.

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With what sounds like a lot of crankiness and drama on set, can this cast even be trusted with a sequel? A forgetful leading man and thankless leading lady are not exactly a recipe for success. And if this is the way they acted before the first film has even been released, how much worse can their antics be on the set of a second film when the franchise has been proven a big-screen success?

The right amount of money tends to solve problems in Hollywood, but it certainly can't help make parts two and three the happiest movie sets in the history of the business.

Are you surprised by these behind-the-scenes revelations?

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