Famous '50 Shades' Interview Scene Comes Alive in Steamy New Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

jamie dornan as christian greyApparently, the Fifty Shades of Grey extended sneak peek of the famous hardware store scene wasn't enough, people! Universal has decided to tease fans with ANOTHER clip, an extended look at Ana interviewing Christian during their first meeting at Grey Enterprises, which debuted on TODAY this morning.


Although we've seen bits and pieces of this scene cut into the however many (so easy to have lost count!) trailers, this roughly 60-second glimpse at the flick gives us even more of a taste of Jamie and Dakota's chemistry. It also features Christian adeptly changing the subject from his personal life to Ana's life plan and awkwardly flirtatious banter about English literature.

Check it out.

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Exactly what we envisioned in our heads when we were reading the book, right? (Minus all the "holy cow"s and whatnot, which, thank goodness, don't appear to be peppered throughout the film! Sorry, EL.)

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And while Dakota's nervousness and self-deprecating remarks might come off as a bit grating, Jamie nails the suave billionaire on a mission to seduce his next sub. Well, at least here.

'Course we'll have to wait to see how the pair fared overall. Good news is that, with just 10 days to go 'til the film's release, we don't have to wait very long at all!

What did you think about this extended clip?


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