'50 Shades' Extended Sneak Peek Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine (VIDEO)

Ah, Fifty Shades of Grey -- boy meets girl, boy ties up girl, they fall in love. It's the true foundation of romance. But in all seriousness, this newly released peek at the Fifty Shades movie, unveiled by Today, is actually pretty lighthearted and sweet, but definitely gave us the chills.


Remember that moment in the book when Christian visits the hardware store where Ana works and proceeds to have her find all sorts of equipment he needs for his BDSM fixation, unbeknownst to her? Yeah, it's that one. I don't know about you, but I'll never be able to look at fellow shoppers in a Home Depot the same way again. Everyone will be getting the side eye for days.

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Check out the scene here:

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I really love the chemistry between Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan in this scene. She plays the mousy, flustered role well but yet still manages to command a presence throughout the clip, while Jamie has Christian's confidence and smirk down pat.

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Of course, the fact that we know all too well what Christian is really purchasing those items for does give the scene a bit of a creepy factor. We can only begin to imagine what sorts of naughty thoughts are going through Christian's head as Ana ... looks for cable ties and masking tape.

That being said, this scene certainly leaves us begging for more. Who else is counting down the days until February 13?

Do you find Christian Grey cute or creepy in this scene?

Image via Universal Pictures and Focus Features

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