​Virtual Tour Gives Peek at Christian Grey's Sexy '50 Shades' Apartment (VIDEO)

christian grey apartmentThe teasing doesn't stop when it comes to Fifty Shades of Grey, and as we patiently wait in anticipation of the movie, we have yet another look into exactly what we will be seeing. Prepare to enter Christian Grey's apartment. The piano. The views. The elevator. Those hard marble floors -- ouch. Take a look at where (as they say) the magic happens.


My goodness. Seeing Christian's penthouse makes me despise him and want to know more at the same time. Sort of like how Ana feels. It's a twisted world of excess. Decadence. Perfection. Deviance. Sexy. This video gives you a sweet peek, but if you want even more, head over to the beautifully made Christian Grey's Apartment. There's that moody music, a full tour with 360-degree views, you can get into one of Christian's Audis, and you can even try on Ana's clothes. That flutter sleeved white shirt she has -- perfection! I love the wallpaper in Ana's room.

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And since we're talking about sexy, we have to address the lack of chemistry rumors between Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan once again. In action, in the movie (and that's where it matters), our Christian and Ana are HOT for each other. There is no denying the magnetism. So what if they are cold to each other outside of the film. 

Can't wait for Valentine's Day when the movie is out, but until then at least, we have this tour to keep us satisfied ... just ... enough.

Are you excited to take the tour of Christian's penthouse?


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