'Walking Dead' Film Spoof Looks Like a Real Nightmare (PHOTOS)

The Walking Deceased

Here’s something you didn’t know was missing from your life: an official film parody of The Walking Dead. ARC Entertainment has acquired the North American rights to the movie, which is supposed to be a Scary Movie-esque sendup of popular zombie movies and TV shows. You can tell it’s going to be a quality cinematic achievement by its title, which is a stunning achievement that clearly took months of heavy brainstorming by the finest minds in the industry.


And by that I mean "a bunch of guys probably got super baked and came up with this as a joke at 3 a.m." Its name — and keep in mind I am not making this up — is The Walking Deceased.

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The Walking Deceased is written by Tim Ogletree and directed by Scott Dow, and here’s the IMDB description:

When a police officer wakes up in a hospital to find out he is in the middle of a zombie apocalypse he will do anything to find his family, even sacrifice Twitter.

Wow. Well, let’s see if the newer, longer description is any more compelling:

"The Walking Deceased" is the "Scary Movie" of the zombie genre, ripping on the biggest and best of zombie pop-culture, arguably the most crazed genre in the world. The story follows a group of survivors from all walks of the apocalypse -- an idiotic Sheriff with definite coma-induced brain damage, his hardass son and a hobo with only a crossbow to stave off the walking dead, four squabbling friends forced to survive this zombieland together, and a lonely zombie who just needs love to fully regain his warm body -- who leave their once-safe mall hideout in search of the rumored Safe Haven Ranch, a refuge untouched by the zombie virus that has ravaged humanity. But despite the comforting name, they discover that this sanctuary may not be as welcoming as advertised. Tearing apart powerhouses like "The Walking Dead," "Zombieland," "Warm Bodies," "World War Z," "Shaun of the Dead," "Dawn of the Dead," and even Romero's iconic "Night of the Living Dead," "The Walking Deceased" rips the flesh off the spoof genre and infects it with a virus too hilarious not to spread.  

You know, I always want spoofs to be funny ... and they almost never are. You’d think it would be pretty easy to make a dumb, hilarious piece of satire that pokes fun at all the common horror tropes, but with very few exceptions (I’ll award points to the first Scary Movie installment), they’re usually unwatchably bad.

As one website points out, we can at least take solace in who’s not involved with the movie:

No sign of any Wayanses or the Friedberg/Seltzer unholy alliance in the credits, though ... so at least if this sucks -- and how can it not? -- it will suck in new ways.

Check out the promo photos and let me know what you think — will you be watching this movie when it’s released on March 20?

Images via ARC Entertainment

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