Scientology Broke Up Tom Cruise & Nicole Kidman & Other New Allegations About the Church (VIDEO)

Ever since Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman got divorced, the two have been pretty tight-lipped about it. Kidman has dropped a hint or two that the stars aren't exactly still pals -- and that the breakup wasn't exactly amicable or expected -- but we don't know what happened. Would it shock you to learn that the divorce may have had something -- or maybe everything -- to do with Scientology?? Of course it wouldn't.


A new HBO documentary, called Going Clear, claims to lift the lid on the secretive cult religion, and it has some pretty interesting things to say about some of its most famous adherents.

According to Mark "Marty" Rathbun, who was once a high-up in the church but then left it, leader David Miscavige didn't at all like Kidman because her father (who recently died) was a psychologist in Australia. Scientology famously disapproves of psychology.

Supposedly Kidman was considered a "Potential Trouble Source" due to her father's profession and that she was trying to distance her husband from the church.

According to the doc, Miscavige began getting jealous angry after Cruise stopped returning his calls during the filming of Eyes Wide Shut. That's when he looked into the mirror, raised an eyebrow, laughed diabolically, and allegedly vowed to tear the spouses asunder.

It claims that Kidman's phone lines were tapped and the information gathered was relayed to Cruise. But what did they find out??? Maybe we have to watch the documentary to know. Boo. Tell us!

Rathbun even accused the church of "re-educating" Cruise and Kidman's kids and turning them against Kidman.

Well, who knows what happened with that, but it is strange that you hardly see Kidman with Isabella and Connor anymore.

Other allegations that the documentary levels against the church include that John Travolta will never leave because it would then expose all of his secrets -- like that he pronounces Idina Menzel as "Adele Dazeem." Sssh!!

More allegations include torturing members in something called "The Hole" and harassing those who have left the organization.

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It's unclear if the documentary deals with Cruise's marriage to Katie Holmes, but I'm hoping!

Still, I think if you have a strong marriage, no religion can break you apart. No matter how loony it is.

Do you think Scientology broke up Cruise and Kidman? Or is Scientology just a scapegoat for everything that goes wrong in Cruise's life?

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