John Oliver Shows Just How Wrong Jamie Dornan Is for '50 Shades' (VIDEO)

john oliver fifty shadesOh no, did the producers get it all wrong when they picked Jamie Dornan for Fifty Shades of Grey??? The role that was the topic of so much heated discussion has long since been settled, but John Oliver, host of Last Week Tonight and "professional swear word-sayer," had to come in and shock the world with his very own, amazing Fifty Shades of Grey audition. Looks like the folks behind the film made a terrible, tragic mistake.


No wonder the #notmychristian hashtag has kind of, sort of taken the world by storm.

"Sure, you passed me over for the 'epitome of male beauty,' but whenever you need a Caucasian foreigner or a cheerful weakling, suddenly my phone's blowing up," Oliver said. Poor guy.

Check out the injustice here:

Move over Ian Somerhalder and Matt Bomer, Oliver should now and forever be everyone's #1 choice. Come on, it was a pretty good audition "for a movie that has already been made, based on a book I have never read."

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Though, seriously, it looks like Oliver has got the gist of the whole thing even though he claims to be so unfamiliar with the EL James phenomenon ... as he so accurately puts it, the trailer for the film seems to target "suburban mothers of three who have somehow never had sex before."

Who wouldn't watch Fifty Shades starring this guy? Perhaps it's time to bring back the #notmychristian hashtag, start a petition, and get this guy a chance to star in Fifty Shades Darker!

Fifty Shades of Grey sadly actually stars Dornan and Dakota Johnson and premieres on February 13, 2015.

What did you think of John Oliver's Christian Grey audition?


Image via Last Week Tonight With John Oliver/YouTube

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