Jamie Dornan's On-Set Behavior May Be Bad News for '50 Shades of Grey' Movie

Fifty Shades of Grey's lead character is an intense and troubled billionaire, but does that mean we need a dark and brooding actor to play him? Hope not, because the film's director Sam Taylor-Johnson says Jamie Dornan is anything but.


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Taylor-Johnson, who covers the February 2015 issue of UK magazine Red, says:

Jamie’s funny because he doesn’t seem to feel any of the pressure. Or show he feels it. Everything washes over him and he’s constantly happy. He’s such a sweet and lovely man.

But can someone endearing really pull off playing a man who is so heavily invested in BDSM? I mean, sure, Robert Pattinson isn't actually a vampire though he played one in The Twilight Saga, yet he still seemed to have the same brooding qualities as Edward Cullen. So what does this mean for Fifty Shades?

Honestly, probably not a ton. It is acting, after all, and Taylor-Johnson appears to have gone to great lengths to do right by the fans, not to mention the over-the-top approval process she had to endure with the studio while working on the project.

Jamie and I had to sit and meet various dominants and dominatrix just to make sure we understood that world, so that we in no way portrayed it incorrectly.

With that kind of research and dedication, how can they go wrong?

Fifty Shades of Grey hits theaters on February 13.

Do you think Jamie Dornan was the right pick to play Christian Grey?

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