New '50 Shades of Grey' Music Video Features Brand-New Movie Footage!

fifty shades of greyNow that the Fifty Shades of Grey movie is officially less than a month away, hype and publicity and marketing for the X, whoops, we mean R-rated film have hit brand-new highs. Not that we're complaining! Will you be able to handle all that whipping by Jamie Dornan and that lip biting by Dakota Johnson? Well, whatever happens, a new music video by Ellie Goulding for her song "Love Me Like You Do," featuring never-seen-before footage from the film, should get you even more riled up about its steamy premiere!


The song obviously will be on the soundtrack for the movie, which is shaping up to be a pretty decent group of songs, but the most exciting part by far is checking out the new hot foreplay scenes featuring Dornan and Johnson. There are even some quick flashes into the now infamous Red Room of Pain. And lots of ballroom dancing.

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Can you handle all the sexual tension? Check out the music video for yourself:

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Pretty great song and video, don't you think? It definitely is stuck-in-your-head-worthy. Granted, we have seen a lot of this footage from previous trailers, but these new snippets sure have gotten us even more curious about how well this movie will do. Do these two have amazing chemistry that will translate on-screen? Will those sex scenes be the hottest thing we've seen in a mainstream film ... or just awkward? Is there going to be a sequel?? So many questions need to be answered come Valentine's Day. But enough already, we want to see the movie for ourselves! See you all at the theater!

What did you think of the new footage in Goulding's music video?


Image via fiftyshadesmovie/Instagram

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