'Fifty Shades of Grey' Movie Leaves Out Important Sex Scene (VIDEO)

50 shades of greyWhile we keep being teased with what we will be seeing in Fifty Shades of Grey (holy cow!), there is some very sad news to report. One of the book's most explicit scenes will not be featured in the movie. While there is going to be plenty of s-e-x, the tampon scene has been omitted. Say what?


I guess period sex is only for Game of Thrones -- and it's a different kind of period.

I'm a little disappointed in Fifty Shades. It's not that I'm a period sex fan and I don't yearn to see tampons being removed at all (in fact, no thanks!), but it's an intriguing look at the control Christian has over Ana. The guy pulls out her tampon without warning! I want to see it all! I wanted to see how the filmmakers were going to handle that one. And now we know -- they are not.

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Fifty Shades did need to tone it down a bit so they could be rated R, so it makes sense. Plus, some things perhaps shouldn't be seen. A bloody tampon being removed and tossed in a toilet is a bit gratuitous. Fifty shades of gross. But that is exactly why I wanted to see it. Maybe I'm warped. They could have suggested it in the film, maybe did the scene in the dark? Too much? If you are concerned about "too much," then this isn't the film or the book for you. Maybe they can make a short or special feature called "The Tampon Scene We Didn't Show You At First But Will Now" and we will all pretend it's so gross we don't want to see it but we will all watch it anyway.

EL James has assured us that there will be plenty of sex scenes to keep us happy without worrying what time of the month it is. Thank goodness.

Are you surprised the tampon scene has been omitted from the film?


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