The Real Reason '50 Shades of Grey' Stars Lack Chemistry

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A body language expert has dropped a bomb on those of us panting from excitement in anticipation of the release of the Fifty Shades of Grey. Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson have no chemistry. Icicles. Our Christian and Ana seem to have no spark.


While the on-screen couple does seem to have an invisible barrier between them when they are doing the promotional rounds, I personally think the whole chilly bit is to get us wanting more. It's all fifty shades of f*&ked up in the best way possible.

First, let's recall that gem of a film The Notebook. Nicholas Sparks is no EL James. Still, it's a movie that we can watch over and over and over and over again and still have that dreamy feeling. (I'm not alone, right?) Fifty Shades will give us that (I'm hoping) but in a whole different way. We like variety in the bedroom and in the movies. Remember: The stars of The Notebook were rumored to hate each other during the filming, and the movie turned out full of breathtaking kisses in the rain. Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams went on to date for years and years and their breakup still brings a little tear to the eye. (I do love Ryan with Eva Mendes though. And baby makes three!)

And so a little "I hate you" is good for a film. Especially if it's a film with bondage, dominance, and submissiveness. Maybe all the cool behavior we see Dakota and Jamie have toward each other during these press appearances is to make us wonder, have us begging for some sort of sign -- a touch, a glance, a coo. It's all part of the plan, the tease, the wanting more. Fifty shades of fantastic. That Christian is so calculating!

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Besides, Jamie is a dad and married to Amelia Warner. Their daughter is now 9 months old. We cannot expect him to be all rubbing up against Dakota. The guy is tired. To see the chemistry between these two is to see the film. February 13, baby.

Are you concerned about the supposed lack of chemistry between Dakota and Jamie off-screen?


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