Jamie Dornan Harassed by Matt Bomer Fans for Not Being the 'Real Christian Grey'


Jamie DornanJamie Dornan is already scared, people. On the heels of confessing his fear that he'll be shot by a rabid fan on the red carpet for Fifty Shades of Grey, the Irish hunk admitted that he's already been attacked for playing Christian Grey -- verbally, at least.


We've all been waiting to see Christian Grey brought to life on the big screen ever since rumors began circulating that E.L. James' erotic trilogy was being adapted as a movie, and there are some people who have very strong opinions that there were better options to play the title character than Jamie Dornan.

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The former Calvin Klein underwear model eventually won the role opposite Dakota Johnson after Charlie Hunnam famously dropped out of the project. But there are those who can't accept it -- specifically Matt Bomer fans.

Dornan told the February issue of Elle magazine that he's actually been harassed by Bomer's fans on the street.

"The other day, this woman came up and started shouting at me, 'Matt Bomer's the real Christian Grey,'" the 32-year-old heartthrob confessed. "And I was like, um, okay."

He's not taking it personally though -- he knows that no matter who was chosen to play Chrstian onscreen, there are bound to be some disappointed fans.

"I mean, even if you cast Matt Bomer, or Alexander Skarsgard, or Charlie Hunnam, or any of those other guys -- we'd all just be doing our best, you know?" he explained. "Christian Grey -- he isn't a real person. He's a superhero -- a myth. He's like Bigfoot! He's unbelievable. He's unattainable. There's no actor in the world who could live up to that."

I'm not sure I'd compare Christian Grey to Bigfoot, exactly, but we catch his drift.

Besides, we're pretty sure he's going to be fantastic in the role. His costar Marcia Gay Harden has even come out and said she's "so impressed" with Dornan's performance, and likened him to another Hollywood hunk.

She told Elle, "Brad [Pitt] and Jamie are both exquisitely beautiful. And because they're exquisitely beautiful, some people might be dismissive of them ... but Brad was a heartthrob who wanted to transform, who did transform. So will Jamie."

Do you think Jamie Dornan was the right pick to play Christian Grey?


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