'Fifty Shades of Santa' Trailer Is As Disturbing As It Sounds (VIDEO)

fifty shades of santaWow. This is ... just ... wow. Really, honestly, truly one of the most perturbing things you'll ever see. Think you were ready for the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer? Well you may want to, perhaps, maybe, begrudgingly see the Fifty Shades of Santa trailer then too. But just be careful. It may ruin pretty much everything you've ever known to be good and true and magical and wonderful in this world for you.


So here it is. Be warned it's pretty adult (duh). Tell Junior this is not a charming animated Christmas kids' movie he's watching:

This is not the Santa Claus you want comin' into town. Ugh. And the thought of Santa naked is just ... WHYYYYY did you do this, people at Animation Domination High-Def?? Why?!

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Can you ever look at a candy cane the same way again? Or reindeer? Or a to-do list? Or milk and cookies?! The list of childhood Christmas symbols crushed in a flurry of just a couple minutes goes on and on and on.

Comparing a Santa sleigh ride to Charlie Tango was pretty damn funny, though.

But on the whole? Seriously disturbing. Perhaps slightly humorous if you have a very sick sense of humor. Hat tip to you folks.

It's probably time to watch the real trailer now to get all those other animated images out of your poor, overwhelmed head. That was just too much. Oh Santa. You sick horn dog, you.

What did you think of Fifty Shades of Santa? Just right or went way too far?


Image via Animation Domination High-Def/YouTube

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