'Frozen' Sequel Is Coming Says Voice of Elsa!

frozen movieI'm currently planning a Frozen-themed birthday party complete with Elsa cupcakes for my about to be 5-year-old daughter who was Elsa for Halloween along with 865 other girls in our town. Kids LOVE Frozen. Parents know all the words to all the songs. And I think many of us cannot handle watching the movie one. more. time. Thankfully we may not have to because the word from Idina Menzel who is the voice of Elsa says -- for the first time in forever -- there will be a Frozen sequel!! (I know that's technically Anna's line.)


THIS IS HUGE! But I will caution telling your kids yet because then we will get "Is Frozen 2 playing yet? Is Frozen 2 playing yet?" every single day until it does. I'd rather listen to Let It Go 17 times on repeat. Let it goooo, let it gooo! Can't hold it back anymore ....

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Did you know that Frozen is the highest-grossing animated movie in history -- wow! Of course you did. You went to the movie, didn't you? And you have the DVD. No wonder there were so many Elsas on Halloween. But I keep questioning why not so many Anna's? I like her outfit better. Though having Snow Queen powers is quite spectacular. When asked about a sequel to nearly everyone under 7's favorite film, Menzel said. "They're all in the works!" This referring to a Frozen short, a stage show, and a movie sequel.

I'm cautiously excited only because I loved Cars so much but Cars 2 ... not so much. But Anna does need more time in the spotlight so let's hope the sequel gets kids wanting to be her instead.

Are you excited about a Frozen sequel?

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