10 Crazy Thanksgiving Films That Prove Your Family Isn't as Bad as You Thought

Ericka Sóuter | Nov 26, 2014 Movies
10 Crazy Thanksgiving Films That Prove Your Family Isn't as Bad as You Thought

thanksgivingThanksgiving is all about family – and depending on what yours is like, that could be a good or bad thing. Well, if you aren’t looking forward to turkey day, here are 8 holiday movies that will actually make you appreciate your crazy clan.



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  • Home for the Holidays


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    After losing her dream job, single mom Claudia (Holly Hunter) has to spend the holiday with her kooky, dysfunctional family, which include her chain-smoking mother, video-camera obsessed dad, perfectionist sister, and obnoxious brother. Needless to say, the meal ends in shouts and tears.

  • House of Yes


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    SPOILER ALERT! What if you went to meet your fiance's family for the first time and found out he's been having an affair with his sister. WORST. THANKSGIVING. EVER.


  • Son in Law


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    Well, this is one way to get back at your conservative, controlling parents. Invite a total loser to dinner and introduce him as your fiance. Talk about awkward. Can you imagine if your sister did this?

  • Dutch


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    Dutch is a man who agrees to pick up his girlfriend's son from prep school and bring him back to Chicago for Thanksgiving. Sounds simple, right? Well, the kid is an absolute jerk set on taking down poor Dutch. Be grateful the kids in your family aren't that awful.

  • Grumpy Old Men


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    These guys are textbook frenemies. The characters' lifelong feud only gets worse on Thanksgiving Day when they spot their sexy, new neighbor. Can you imagine if these were your grumpy grandpas? They would wage war over everything, including that last piece of pumpkin pie.

  • Hannah and Her Sisters


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    Imagine if your husband were obsessed with your sister and has an affair with her. Even worse, he blames it on the fact that you are so self-sufficient and strong. Now, if that wasn't bad enough, your other sister goes on a date with your ex-husband. Some lines you just don't cross. What happened to the "hos before bros" motto. Could you even sit at the table with this insensitive bunch?

  • Pieces of April


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    When rebellious, black sheep daughter April (Katie Holmes) invites her estranged, uptight family to Thanksgiving, it's a complete disaster. The look of disapproval she gets from her mother will break your heart.

  • Addams Family Values


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    Just like your family -- minus the creepy, walking-dead appearance.

  • Planes, Trains & Automobiles


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    Poor Steve Martin is just trying to get home to his family in time for Turkey Day when his flight gets canceled. In his crazy journey, he is joined by what must be the most annoying fellow traveler on the planet. So maybe that crying baby sitting next to you on your trip home wasn't so bad after all.

  • Spider-Man


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    You are a super hero at Thanksgiving dinner with your best friend Harry Osborn and Harry's father. During which, the elder Mr. Osborn, who is actually the murderous, evil villain you've been battling, figures out your secret identity. Now he has to kill you. That sucks. Puts that whole fight you are having with your brother over the remote in perspective.


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