'Jurassic World' Trailer: Scary Dinosaurs + Hot Chris Pratt = Total Insanity (VIDEO)

Jurassic World trailer

Do you like dinosaurs? Are you the mom of a kid who likes dinosaurs? Or maybe — do you like things that are awesome? Sure you do, who doesn’t? How about the awesomeness that is Chris Pratt? My point here is that there is a whole lot of awesome to be found on the Internet today, in the form of the first full-length trailer for Jurassic World, which is a DINOSAUR MOVIE WITH CHRIS PRATT.


I knew there was a new Jurassic Park movie coming, but I honestly had no idea Chris Pratt was in it. Which is too bad, because I could have been spending all this time babbling excitedly to everyone around me how stoked I am to see the new dinosaur movie starring everyone’s favorite human labrador. Not only is Chris Pratt just downright adorable in every conceivable way, he has those incredibly beefy manpillows on his chest now, so let’s just hope there’s a repeat of the first movie’s inexplicable yet fan-freaking-tastic strategy of ripping Jeff Goldblum’s shirt off in the first half of the movie and never covering him up again until the end.

*Chris Pratt lounges on his side, says something about chaos theory while his pecs ripple delightedly in the late-afternoon sunshine*

The trailer for Jurassic World is satisfyingly over-the-top, featuring all the tropes we’d expect and more. It may as well be called SharkSaurusNado because it appears to be a righteous conglomeration of leaping megasharks, a mysterious new hybrid dinosaur that’s even more WTFBBQ than the original badass T-Rex or the talking dinosaurs in that shiteous third movie, and ... well, what’s even HAPPENING at the end of this thing? Where Chris Pratt is barreling along on a frantic mission with a bunch of velociraptors at his side?

Are they some kind of team or something? Star Lord ganged up with the clever girls to kick some hybrid bitey-monster ass? I don’t even know what I just saw but I know this much: EVERYTHING LOOKS AWESOME. (See what I did there? Full circle.)

What do you think of the new Jurassic World trailer?

Image via Universal Pictures

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