12 Super Hot Pics That Prove THIS Is the Perfect Christian Grey

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We can continue the never-ending debate, but let's finally admit one thing: Jamie Dornan is Christian Grey. There's no doubt about that. And when Fifty Shades of Grey premieres on Valentine's Day 2015, we'll all flock to theaters to see the actor/model's portrayal of the twisted and damaged billionaire. And even though we've at one point supported the campaigns for both Charlie Hunnam and Matt Bomer (sorry, sorry, it's true), it's finally time to say that Dornan is Grey.


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When we first heard that our favorite book series Fifty Shades of Grey was being made into movie we were really, really psyched. Christain? Ana? On the big screen? Sign us up! But as the production has started rolling, we've head lots of names being thrown around for who is going to play the super sexy Christian Grey. And while we would have loved a Fifty Shades with Charlie Hunnam, we are totally on board with Jamie Dornan. I mean...has anyone got a good look at this guy? Hubba hubba. 

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Just take a look at the following photos that prove that Dornan is the perfect Christian Grey. Without question, we 100% approve of this casting decision. Good work, Hollywood! 


Image via JamieDornan/Twitter

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