Christian Grey Was Almost Ruined By Jamie Dornan's One Major Flaw (VIDEO)

Jamie DornanCan you just not wait for the Fifty Shades movie? Can you just not wait for that moment alpha-male Christian Grey locks eyes with naif Anastasia Steele, presses her firmly up against the elevator wall, and then ... bounces away? Yeah, bounces. Because that's what would have happened if producers didn't insist that Jamie Dornan get rid of his bouncy walk.


Jamie appeared on The Graham Norton Show and admitted something pretty embarrassing -- that his usual walk is a little, shall we say, girly. Yeah, Jamie walks like a curly-haired little girl who just got a new dolly.

Jamie admitted that producers and directors on the sets of movies began to notice his girly walk and suggested he change it to something a bit more manly. Jamie says his normal springy gait comes from having big calves, and he learned to walk kind of on his tiptoes, which resulted in a walk that he admits people noticed -- and basically made fun of, in a roundabout way -- his whole life.

So his wife, Amelia Warner, suggested he try "leaning back" when he walked. That didn't go so well at first. Check it out, it's pretty hilar (catch his old walk at 4:22):

Ha! Well, the way he usually walks isn't that bad -- but maybe not a perfect fit for a guy who is supposed to be a brooding sex maniac.

Just goes to show you, everyone has some kind of idiosyncrasy. I actually like Jamie's usual walk, it looks like a man who is happy with life. Or a little girl. Kidding, Jamie, you hot stud, you!

Well, we know what didn't get Jamie the role.

Do you like his normal walk or his Christian walk better?

Image via R Chiang / Splash News

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