Charlie Hunnam May Regret Quitting 'Fifty Shades'

Charlie Hunnam

It looks like someone might be having a few regrets here. While news of Charlie Hunnam quitting his role in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie is completely old, it looks like the actor just can’t stop talking about it.

In fact, he mentions yet again why he thinks he wouldn’t have made a good Christian Grey. I can't help but wonder though, by talking about it all the time in his interviews, what in the world is he trying to tell us?!?


According to ABC News, Charlie explains why he quit Fifty Shades for what seems like the hundredth time already. He said:

I was going to finish playing a psychopath who’s just lost his wife [in “Sons of Anarchy”], and five days later I’d be on set playing Christian Grey. I was like, ‘This is going to be a ... disaster.’ It was the opposite of how I’ve tried to ground my career, not stretch myself too thin, and always do my homework.

Okay, Charlie. We get it! While I totally appreciate his dedication to his craft, let’s not forget that starring in Fifty Shades would have done wonders for his career, even though he was heavily criticized, too. 

BUT if we want to be honest here, no one really knew Charlie Hunnam’s name before the Fifty Shades casting news. I’m thinking that he might be having second thoughts about quitting the film; otherwise, why would he still be talking about it? What is he trying to convince us of here?

Either way, I’m sure there will be more great things to come for his career, although from what I can tell, many fans are glad that he dropped out from the film. If you ask me, Jamie Dornan is a more accurate-looking Christian Grey than Charlie Hunnam was. Well, at least in my fantasies! Teehee.

Do you think Charlie should have kept the Christian Grey role?

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