New 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Poster Is Here & Wow! (PHOTO)

fifty shades of grey

The new trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey still may be a day away (it premieres Thursday during Scandal), but EL James and the gracious folk at Universal bestowed a little teaser unto us in the meantime in the form of a new Fifty Shades of Grey poster. And, as you may surmise, it's smokin' hot.

Typically, we're always drooling over Jamie Dornan -- AKA, Christian Grey -- in all of the trailers, posters, interviews, etc. But this new Fifty Shades gem is all about Anastasia Steele. And, man, does she look hot.

Check out Dakota Johnson in the sultry new poster. Sexay!


fifty shades of grey

Pretty hot, no? Despite a close-up of Anastasia's mouth being sexy for obvious reasons, there's also some rhyme and reason to this shot. If you recall, Fifty Shades fans, Anastasia has a tendency to bite her lower lip in the book and it drives Christian wild. So, boom. A nod to one of the character's idiosyncrasies and a hot new poster. Win-win.

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Of course, this isn't nearly as much fun as a new trailer, but it's certainly a little something to get us excited for what's to come. Only a few months to go before the movie, ladies! Any posters, trailers, or photos we get before then is just icing on the cake. Come on, February 13!

What do you think of this poster? Are you happy with Dakota Johnson as Anastasia?


Images via R Chiang/Splash News/Universal

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