Big Screen Version of Christian Grey May Not Be Anything Like the Book

Jamie Dornan

Usually when you apply for a job and go on an interview, you research your potential employer to find out what you’re getting into, right? Well, for Jamie Dornan, that's not the way it goes. The actor made a rather shocking admission about the Fifty Shades of Grey series, which is definitely going to surprise you.


In a new interview with The Guardian, Dornan makes the shocking admission that he’s NEVER read any of the Fifty Shades books. As in, he hasn’t even turned a page in the series. And yet, he is about to portray Christian Grey on the big screen, with the hopes of meeting the expectations of those who have obsessed over the character throughout the entire series. When asked if whether he or his wife Amelia Warner have obsessed over the bestsellers, he replied: 

Nope. Because we are the types of people who have the Guardian as our home page. Look, the film is not the book. It’s an adaptation, and Sam Taylor-Johnson is an artist as well as an award-winning film director. Look at her track record. And look at the film studios behind it. Universal. Focus. All I can say is, wait until you see it before passing judgment.

Wait until passing judgment, eh? Is he trying to say that those who have read the book are less likely to read The Guardian or, say, the New York Times? While I really like Dornan and am crossing my fingers that he’ll do well in the film, this quote doesn’t sit too well with me. Most actors read the books of the films they sign up for, even if it is a loosely based adaptation. The story is still the same, and for Dornan’s sake, it would have helped him better connect to Christian Grey if he had actually READ the books. Sheesh. This has me a little bit worried that the Christian Grey we’ll be seeing on the big screen might not be the same one I imagined while reading the novels.

Do you think Dornan should have read Fifty Shades of Grey before signing up for the film?

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