'Fifty Shades' Insiders Reveal What Scenes Went Horribly Wrong During the Shoot

Jamie DornanGals, we might have some really bad news about Fifty Shades. The movie's release date is only a few months away, but the film's stars, Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson, are reshooting scenes. While that's standard practice with movies, we'd hoped it wasn't because of a lack of chemistry. But sadly that seems to be the case! Inside sources have spilled that they're reshooting only SEX scenes, because their chemistry isn't there! D'oh! Omigawd, this means the entire movie could totally suck ben-wa balls!


A source revealed to US Weekly that producers didn't feel the pair's sex scenes were "passionate" enough and that they were disappointed by the lack of chemistry. Also apparently Dakota isn't coming across as "sexy" enough and that "Ana needs to be naive, not a dishrag." Ouch!

Not totally sure I agree with this -- producers always tend to think the female lead isn't "sexy" enough, and not all movies need a "sexy" female lead. Sometimes you need a female lead who is more subdued. If Ana comes across as too sexy, that could ruin her character. Besides, it's women who will go see the film, not men, and I bet you anything it's men who are saying she's not sexy enough, because she doesn't look like Sofia Vergara.

But it is super critical that the two have chemistry. If they don't, it's curtains for the movie. I'm just not sure these anonymous producers know what they're talking about.

The good news is that Dakota gets to make out with Jamie again. I mean, that can't be too terrible, right?

Do you think this is a bad sign?


Image via fiftyshadesmovie.com

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