'Toy Story 4' Confirmed & Coming to a Theater Near You in 2017

Toy StoryAttention Pixar fans! Long rumored to be in the works, Toy Story 4 was confirmed by the Disney-owned animation giant on Thursday, November 6, and given a release date. Woody, Buzz, and the rest of the gang will hit theaters in June 2017.

Although fans of the franchise have been nervous to see a continuation of the toy saga after such a beautiful and clean ending in Toy Story 3, some of the mega-talent behind the success of the first three films are working together once again, so hopes are high that this latest installment will be magical too.


I'll be bringing my tissues to the movies is all I'm saying. And I'll, uh, totally be going for my kids. Yeah.

John Lasseter is returning to direct. He was a writer on the first three and director of the first two. Lee Unkrich, who took over directing in Toy Story 3, is returning too, along with Pete Docter (Up director) and Andrew Stanton (Finding Nemo director).

So the story's going to be good. It has to be! Lasseter said in a statement:

We love these characters so much; they are like family to us. We don't want to do anything with them unless it lives up to or surpasses what's gone before.

Toy Story 3 ended Woody and Buzz's story with Andy so perfectly that for a long time, we never even talked about doing another Toy Story movie. But when Andrew [Stanton], Pete [Docter], Lee [Unkrich], and I came up with this new idea, I just could not stop thinking about it. It was so exciting to me, I knew we had to make this movie -- and I wanted to direct it myself.

But even with a great storyline, will Toy Story be the same without our beloved voice actors to bring the characters to life? None of the actors have confirmed their involvement yet, but Tom Hanks and Tim Allen are expected to return. In fact, IMDB.com lists them as actors, whereas many of the other actors like Joan Cusack (Jessie), Wallace Shawn (Rex), John Ratzenberger (Hamm), and Don Rickles (Mr. Potato Head) are still listed as "rumored."

Assuming everyone's on board, I'm hopeful for Toy Story 4 and can't wait to see what shenanigans the toys get into. Personally, I'm hoping that a teenage Bonnie brings them along to babysit Andy's kids, but I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Are you excited for Toy Story 4?


Image via Pixar

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