'Ghostbusters' Remake Will Have an AMAZING Twist

Ghostbusters remake female cast

We’re pretty big on Ghostbusters in my house lately because the kids saw it over the summer and now they’ve decided to dress like Ghostbuster guys for Halloween (after a LOT of hemming and hawing) (but oh my gosh, look how awesome they look now that they’ve settled on their costume choices), so I was excited to hear that Hollywood’s got a remake in the works. But get this, they aren’t remaking the original Ghostbusters storyline with new actors, it’s going to be a complete reimagining that won’t even include cameos of the original characters.

Not only that, it’s going to be directed by Paul Feig, who did Bridesmaids, and it will star WOMEN. “Hilarious women,” according to Feig. Who you gonna call? MY CARDIOLOGIST THAT’S WHO BECAUSE I AM TOTALLY FREAKING OUT OVER HERE.


Feig confirmed via Twitter on Wednesday that he'll be directing the movie, and he’ll co-write it with Parks and Recreation's Katie Dippold.  The new Ghostbusters will be a female team, and it sounds like the film will open the door for a future franchise — the project will be an entirely new series rather than being connected to the earlier movies.

Here’s what Feig posted:

The original Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman will be a producer, and while no actresses have been named yet, it’s hard not to IMMEDIATELY think of Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig and hope really really really really really really hard that they’ll be involved. And maybe Amy Poehler? Anna Kendrick? Tina Fey? Mindy Kaling? Rebel Wilson? The possibilities are endless and I am SO jazzed that a team who truly knows how to cast funny women is running this project.

In conclusion, I would like to express my feelings about this remake via interpretive dance. *clears throat, stretches* Here goes ...

How hopeful/thrilled are you for this movie?

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